DPW3D - Program in Print, Web and 3D Animation


The era of the internet is such that we cannot even imagine a service or a business without a website. No wonder that web designing is becoming so increasingly popular with the new blood. The dpw3d program in print web and 3D animation is a dedicated course that helps you to develop the skills of web designing, communication designing, and app designing.
Once you finish this course, you become an expert in these three fields and you can choose the right career for yourself. Abstract always ensures that you get enough practical exposure to gain real-world knowledge so that you do not remain restrained by the theoreticalities. A team of experts gives you advanced training in this course so that more than a hobby, you can pursue it as a career

Course duration:

408 hours*

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Program in Print Web and 3D Animation makes you an expert in building state-of-the-art print, web, and 3D animation content for different platforms and audiences. If you dream to work as a 3D Animator or a Communication Designer in a reputed company, then join Program in Print, Web and 3D Animation at MAAC now. The career course teaches you the fundamentals of drawing, concepts of design and illustration, concepts of web designing, and a lot more.

Exciting career opportunities await you.  

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