Privacy Policy

We don't aim to sell or forward or rent any personal data that users share with Company to any third party for any purpose, including marketing, without their consent. The privacy policy is also applicable to almost all our services under the names described above under a domain. The ARTCOZY Rohini site is likely to signify their acceptance of the Company's policy. Whenever a user's personal information is held within the Company, it will take all the responsible steps to protect it from unauthorized disclosure. The Company is likely to be committed to protecting the user's security regarding personal information. We tend to store the personal information you give on at least computer systems with restricted access located in controlled facilities. When we migrate highly confidential information, we aim to protect it through encryption uses.

Users might choose if or not to provide personal information to the Company. If one chooses to provide the personal information that you might be unable to access, some certain elements, offers, and services are likely to involve our interaction with users.  Additionally, one chooses to have a relationship with Company; it will contact them in connection with a business relationship. 

Where Company gets one personal information on-site, the Company intends to explain why personal data would be collected and if the Company plans to share such data outside with those working on the Company's behalf. Unless the transfer of personal information is mainly required, the Company won't transfer personal information without the user's permission to the third parties. 

In the event one would provide personal information, the Company would maintain the accurate personal information which they have provided. In addition, where ARTCOZY Rohini collects personal information from users on-site, it aims to provide a means of contacting the Company whenever they need to update or correct the data.

The users need to know that personal information would be kept confidential and will be used for the Company's marketing and strategic client analysis goals besides internal companies only. We also don't sell any personal information except that personal data shall be shared with our intimate business partners or franchises. Users need to be deemed to have given some consent on the same. We would share the personal information only in some circumstances where the law would compel us. 

By using the site, the users can get consent to the terms of the Company's privacy policy and processing personal data for the reasons given above. When their personal information is needed, the Company wouldn't be obliged to let them know at the collection time how it will use the information. Ideally, the personal information is collected to solve the user's query or process an order, or even allow one to access particular services. The users will be given an opportunity to limit access to the user's data or information. It would be deemed that users have given consent to any such distribution of their personal data, which is mentioned above. Privacy can change at any time without any prior notice, so users must know that.