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When you talk about the most exciting courses in multimedia, digital filmmaking secures one of the top positions. Digital filmmaking is not just about coming up with a story and putting it into a motion picture. There is a lot of hard work from pre-production to linear editing and sound editing and even various aspects of animation that are put into it. We at MAAC Gurugram, offer you an integrated digital filmmaking course encompassing the training of the exquisite skill set and major software training like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe audition, After Effects, and other such apps to make you a digital filmmaker Pro.

MAAC Gurugram insurance to inculcate in you such a knowledge of digital filmmaking that you not only can pursue it as a hobby but you can actually work as a cinematographer, filmmaker, screenwriter for any role that you would like to take in the process of making a digital film.

Course duration:

288 hours*

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* Note: The duration may vary based on course & centre location. For details, contact your nearest MAAC centre!

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