Compositing & Editing Plus - Program in Composting & Editing


The production of a film has a lot of stages and each stage is extremely important. But compositing and editing is the penultimate stage of production that precedes release. This very fact makes it the determining factor in the vibe determination of your project.
Be it a movie, a television show episode or a music video all undergo this compositing and editing phase that ties all ends, smoothens the roughness to give it the final look. The composition and editing plus course by MAAC Gurugram teach you all the skills that are required for you to excel at this particular phase of production. You will learn about many apps that help you give those final touches to the film and make it screen worthy

Course duration:

408 hours*

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This is a career course designed to train you in two of the most important aspects of visual effects – compositing and editing. It is at this stage that different visual elements are combined together to create one scene or a complete sequence.

MAAC's Compositing & Editing Plus course prepares you to excel in techniques like rotoscopy, match moving, BG prep, composting & editing, which are integral parts of the filmmaking process. You will be trained to work with software used in the industry, which would include Adobe Photoshop, Nuke, Mocha, Adobe After Effects & Final Cut Pro.

Compositing and Editing Plus course is designed in a way that you benefit by the in-depth practical software training, workshops from industry experts, regular studio visits and certified trainers.

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